Africa Panoramas

Click on the thumbnail to view the full panorama!  Be patient, the views are worth the wait.  The newest photos are at the bottom of the page.


greatzim_ge_pan.jpg (202743 bytes)
The Great Enclosure at Great Zimbabwe


greatzim_hill_pan.jpg (297376 bytes)
The view from the top of the Hill Complex at Great Zimbabwe

gz_greatencl_pan.jpg (695132 bytes)
The view of the inside of the Great Enclosure


gz_greatencl_pan.jpg (695132 bytes)
Click on the thumbnail above to view this panorama in an interactive 360 degree movie.


zf_pan_zambia.jpg (185537 bytes)
Victoria Falls from the top of the Zambian Side


zim_falls_pan.jpg (159257 bytes)
Western end of Victoria Falls


chobe_pan.jpg (99899 bytes)
Chobe National Park Wildlife


Zambezi_village.jpg (100789 bytes)
A typical Zambezi River village


bushman1_pan.jpg (444493 bytes)
Bushman rock art - 3000 years old


bushmancave_pan.jpg (126271 bytes)
Largest rock art drawing that we've found 


Ilha_panorama.jpg (166192 bytes)
The Dhow port on Ilha de Mozambique


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