Fort Selkirk, Yukon Photos 

Courtesy of Derek Watson

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truck and hbc house selkirk.JPG (103581 bytes)
Model T Ford truck in Ft Selkirk, 1951
hbc house.JPG (103998 bytes)
Hudson Bay Company store at Fort Selkirk

flat tire.jpg (119083 bytes)
Compare our photo of the same truck taken in June 2002
beaver plane and ford.JPG (98153 bytes)
DeHavilland Beaver and the Model T Ford Truck
truck.JPG (66697 bytes)
Truck and driver, 1951

Derek Watson wrote:

I was interested to see the photo of the old model T Ford truck in Ft Selkirk. I was a clerk for the HBC in 1951 and helped closing  and dismantling of the post. I managed to get this same old truck running it had lain dormant for many years by using ether from the first aid kit to start it! We used the truck to move heavy loads from the post down to the river bank. The store and house were taken apart in sections and shipped by barge to Whitehorse then  down to Ft Nelson.

After leaving Ft Selkirk I was posted to Stewart River and went through the closing down of that store.

I moved away from the Yukon in 1956  but still have great affection for the many characters I met while living there.  Seeing the picture of "my old Ford" workhorse brought me great joy... mixed of course with a little sadness at the derelict wreck as it is today.

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