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Bolivia's Southwest Circuit (1)


Boliva border.jpg (61924 bytes)
Portezuelo del Cajon border crossing to Bolivia
bol_hi_andes1.jpg (54223 bytes)
Flamingoes at Laguna Colorada
lag_colorada1.jpg (52528 bytes)
more flamingoes
lag_colorada2.jpg (33836 bytes)
bol_hi_andes2.jpg (33417 bytes)
High Andes lagunas
bol_hi_andes3.jpg (59784 bytes)
tracks.jpg (45338 bytes)
Vehicle tracks across the sands
another_volcano1.jpg (65551 bytes)
another volcano
dali_rocks.jpg (63521 bytes)
The Dali Rocks, house size boulders ejected from the volcano
laguna_verder_shore.jpg (71362 bytes)
Volcan Licancabur
salar1.jpg (48202 bytes)
Crossing the Salar de Chiguana
laguna_verde_pan.jpg (130784 bytes)
Laguna Verde 
salar_de_uyuni1.jpg (44751 bytes)
Salar de Uyuni
kim_uyuni_salt.jpg (74258 bytes)
Salt piles awaiting harvesting
fresh_salt_ile.jpg (75361 bytes)
Conical piles of salt crystals
salar_salt_view.jpg (46495 bytes)
Patterns in the salt


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