WOW - Andes Expedition Photos

Andes Crossing - Valparaiso, CH to Mendoza, AR


lag_inca.jpg (54008 bytes)
Laguna del inca
passeo_cr.jpg (67952 bytes)
Switchbacks up to the Passeo del Cristo Redentor
aconcagua_sign.jpg (65919 bytes)
aconcagua.jpg (71783 bytes)
Aconcagua in the back
aconcagua_kd.jpg (85507 bytes)
Kim and Don at Aconcagua
aconcagua1.jpg (69229 bytes)
Aconcagua reflection
aconcagua_cem.jpg (63206 bytes)
Climbers cemetary
crossing_depth.jpg (66588 bytes)
Don't cross if the water is this deep!


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