BAJA Panoramas
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Click on the thumbnail to view the full panorama!  Be patient, the views are worth the wait.  The newest photos are at the bottom of the page.


Catavina Pan1.jpg (1079058 bytes)
The Cataviña Boulder Fields

Catavina Pictographs Pan.jpg (145960 bytes)
Cochimi Pictographs in Cataviña (See GPS)

Sea of Cortez panorama1.jpg (116318 bytes)
Sea of Cortez south of Mulegé

Bahia Coyote Panorama.jpg (155815 bytes)
Bahia Coyote

loreto coast pan.jpg (159073 bytes)
The coast south of Loreto

Faro Viejo panorama.jpg (201193 bytes)
Faro Viejo (The Old Light House)
Southern most point in Baja California (See GPS)

Cabo San Lucas Panorama.jpg (153819 bytes)
Land's End - Cabo San Lucas


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