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Sierra de San Francisco Burro Adventure

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trip prep1.JPG (392637 bytes)
The pack burros
trip prep2.JPG (388097 bytes)
Our mules
trip prep3.JPG (385604 bytes)
Preparing the gear
packing the burros with don.JPG (408818 bytes)
Can I help hold the burro?
pack burros.JPG (426659 bytes)
Burros on the trail
don on trail.JPG (441117 bytes)
Trust the mule!
Flat trail.JPG (416625 bytes)
Rocky trail
on the trail.JPG (405517 bytes)
Our pack train
painted canyon.JPG (430480 bytes)
View into San Pablo Canyon
palms below caves.JPG (559445 bytes)
Palms at the canyon bottom
too steep to ride.JPG (414663 bytes)
Too steep to even ride
wheres the trail.JPG (557546 bytes)
View of the trail to the canyon bottom


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