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San Javier

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ALF in Sierra Gigante.JPG (404136 bytes)
The road to San Javier
From mountain to sea.JPG (392144 bytes)
Views back to the Sea of Cortez
San Javier grand entrance.JPG (417031 bytes)
The main drive at San Javier
San Javier Mission.JPG (412242 bytes)
Misión San Francisco Javier Vigge Biaundó (See GPS)
San Javier side.JPG (383042 bytes)
Different views of the mission
San Javier angled.JPG (328371 bytes)
Side view
Altar at San Javier.JPG (452300 bytes)
The golden altar from Mexico City
San Javier Rock art 2.JPG (372194 bytes)
Cochimi rock art
San Javier Rock art3.JPG (394583 bytes)
Cochimi rock art
San Javier Rock art1.JPG (390065 bytes)
Cochimi rock art
El Camino Real.JPG (438024 bytes)
El Camino Real
The Royal Road between the missions
ALF River crossing.JPG (383439 bytes)
Stream crossings
P6010029.JPG (409510 bytes)
A waterfall in Baja! (See GPS)


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