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Costa Rica Photos

la paz falls.jpg (138196 bytes)
La Paz (Peace) Waterfall
hanging bridges.jpg (149310 bytes)
Kim on a suspension bridge in the rainforest canopy
Lake Arenal pan.jpg (63973 bytes)
Lake Arenal
arenal lake camp.jpg (112104 bytes)
Campsite on Lake Arenal
arenal lodge.jpg (51761 bytes)
Arenal Volcano over shadowing Arenal Observatory Lodge
(See the smoke coming from the volcano)
arenal steaming.jpg (38041 bytes)
Multiple vents steaming on Arenal
arenal plume.jpg (27925 bytes)
Arenal having a minor eruption - see the plume of smoke
Poas fog.jpg (40104 bytes)
Kim showing off a photo of Poas Volcano's crater - since we can't see it through the fog
poas.jpg (39894 bytes)
Poas' crater when the fog momentarily lifted


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