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Guatemala Photos

bicycle hitching.jpg (50625 bytes)
Bicycle Hitching
dugout canoes.jpg (95133 bytes)
Dugout Canoes
El Castillo de San Felipe.jpg (105622 bytes)
El Castilo de San Felipe, Rio Dulce
fica ixobel camp.jpg (82555 bytes)
Finca Ixobel camp
livingston breakfast.jpg (70285 bytes)
Livingston breakfast
livingston garifuna.jpg (80566 bytes)
Garifuna family home
livingston harbour.jpg (58019 bytes)
Livingston harbour
public laundry livingston.jpg (87167 bytes)
Public Laundry, Livingston
livingston street scene.jpg (78872 bytes)
Livingston street scene
chiqi funeral parlor.jpg (53301 bytes)
Funeral Parlor - note the doll in the casket above the door


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