Expedition Vehicle Build-out Photos

P1010076.jpg (24556 bytes)
Interior before framing

First cabinet.jpg (29215 bytes)
Under-bed Pass-through Storage
Rear framing.jpg (38988 bytes)
Under-bed Storage framed in

front view.jpg (31518 bytes)
Bath and Refrigerator
framed in

closing the bath.jpg (20698 bytes)
Bath being closed in

Bed in.jpg (40878 bytes)
Mattress placed on bed frame

seating.jpg (42620 bytes)
Seating Area framed

Steps.jpg (42306 bytes)
Hijacker Steps installed

A & E Awning Installed.jpg (51826 bytes)
A & E Awning installed

ev_dash_removed_for_stereo_install.jpg (44430 bytes)
Dash Removed for CD installation

ev_suspension_seats.jpg (39712 bytes)
Suspension seats installed

awning.jpg (33469 bytes)
Awning Close-up

solar panels.jpg (41468 bytes)
Kyocera KC-120 solar panels mounted

Bench.jpg (58760 bytes)
The Bench seats upholstered

Interior.jpg (48367 bytes)
Interior nearly completed
Fridge.jpg (41724 bytes)
Kitchen.jpg (49312 bytes)
Kitchen counters

Conferr.JPG (50355 bytes)
Conferr Rack installed

Bath.jpg (33367 bytes)
Bath completed

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