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  • Northern Andes Expedition - September 2006
    Peru, Ecuador and Colombia
  • Andes Expedition  -  April 2006
    Chile, Bolivia and Peru
  • Patagonia Expedition  -  December 2005
    Argentina and Chile
  • South America Expedition  -  June 2005
    Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela and Brazil
  • Central America Expedition   -  February 2005
    Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica
  • Mexico Expedition  - October 2004

    IMG_0541.jpg (117216 bytes)

    Tarahumara Indians of the Copper Canyon, Mexico
           September 2003

    A Mayan Easter - Guatemala Expedition
           April 2003

    Follow the Gold Rush to Alaska and the Yukon
                  May - June 2002

    Explore Baja California: Mexico's Outback
                    February 2002

    Footsteps of the Ancestors in the American Southwest
                  Oct - Nov 2001

    Southern Africa Total Solar Eclipse Adventure
                      May - July 2001

    1994 Eclipse

    Celebrate the Day of the Dead with the Zapotecs in Oaxaca, Mexico
                   October 2000

    Trek with us on the Inca Trail in Peru
                  June 2000


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