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5 Themes Awareness of Current Event Issues

Class Culture

Cultural Spaces

Developed or Underdeveloped?

Finding Your Spot in the World

The World on a String

Triangles are not Bad!


TITLE:  5 Themes Awareness of Current Event Issues

AUTHOR:  Joyce O'Connor/Anchorage School District,
         Anchorage, Alaska

GRADE LEVEL:  Appropriate for grades 7-9.

OVERVIEW:  The 5 Themes of Geography is a multi pronged
approach to analyzing and thinking critically about
current events.  This lesson is designed to assist the
student in developing a  global perspective when
viewing local, national and global events.

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TITLE:   Class Culture

AUTHOR:   Sue Fischer, Spokane, Washington

GRADE LEVEL/SUBJECT:   UE,   Social Studies
                       ( Difficulty:  I )

OVERVIEW:  To begin to understand people of different
cultures, students must first know how all cultures are
alike and different.  There are certain things that all
cultures have, whether or not they are exactly the

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TITLE:  Cultural Spaces

AUTHOR:  Ray McCarter, Marlow Public Schools, Marlow,


OVERVIEW:  Many students assume only their cultural and
traditional practices are worldly accepted and practiced.

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TITLE:  Developed or Underdeveloped? ?

AUTHOR:   Betsy Mahoney;  Moorcroft Elementary,
          Moorcroft, WY


OVERVIEW:  For many years there has been controversy about what it
means for a nation to be "developed" or "underdeveloped", "third world",
"haves" and "have-nots".  This activity is designed to help students
be aware of the controversy and to examine the meaning of development
to a nation and to man.

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TITLE:  Finding Your Spot In The World

AUTHOR:  Janet Smith ;Midway Intermediate School
        Highline School District, Seattle, WA

GRADE LEVEL:   4th through 8th

OVERVIEW(s):  How better to introduce students to maps, location and
movement than to see exactly where their house is located and where
their ancestors have lived.  This activity does that.

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TITLE:  The World On A String
        (Interdependence Simulation)

AUTHOR:  Lisa Knight, Meadow Glade, Battle Grounds, WA

GRADE LEVEL:  5-6; History

OBJECTIVE(s):  To demonstrate through concrete experience
the interconnectedness of all countries

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TITLE:  Triangles Are Not Bad!

AUTHOR:  Brenda Heredia, School Psychologist
Oklahoma Child Service Demonstration Center
Adapted from Tiedt, P. L. & Tiedt, I. M.  Multicultural
Teaching.  Allyn and Bacon, 1990.

GRADE LEVEL/SUBJECT:  4-9        in any social studies subject area.

OVERVIEW:  We must teach people how to operate in a world that is
diverse and pluralistic.  Schooling is not effective if it doesn't
have a multicultural component.  This is true now and will be even
more so in the future.  By 2000 AD, 1 in 3 will be minorities.
80% of the labor force will be women and minorities.  By 2010 AD,
1 in 2 will be minorities.

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