The Northern Andes Expedition

Galapagos Islands
Espanola Island


rb_tropicbird.jpg (21788 bytes)
Red-billed Tropicbird
baby_iguana.jpg (99889 bytes)
Baby iguana
MASKED_BOOBIE_COURTSHIP.jpg (120023 bytes)
Mating dance of the Masked Boobie
galop_blowhole.jpg (56468 bytes)
laughing_mask.jpg (79941 bytes)
Laughing Boobies
lava_lizard.jpg (89389 bytes)
Lava  Lizard
masked_boobie1.jpg (42792 bytes)
Masked Boobie
masked_boobie_nest.jpg (96919 bytes)
Masked Boobie with two eggs
masked_kim.jpg (78883 bytes)
sally_crab1.jpg (87322 bytes)
Sally Lightfoot crab
tropic_bird_overview.jpg (57857 bytes)
Red-billed Tropicbird
waved_albatross.jpg (71770 bytes)
Waved Albatross
waved_albatross_flying.jpg (22619 bytes)
Waved Albatross flyover
yellow_warbler.jpg (98724 bytes)
Yellow Warbler


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