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Tierra del Fuego and Ushuaia


magellan_st_ferry.jpg (87034 bytes)
Ferry across the Straits of Magellan
magellan_st_ferry1.jpg (107931 bytes)
Just squeezed on!
rt3_ushuaia.jpg (57460 bytes)
Route 3 near Ushuaia
rt3_ushuaia1.jpg (48789 bytes)
Route 3 mountain views
rt3_ushuaia_pan.jpg (69160 bytes)
Panorama near Ushuaia
ushuaia_kim.jpg (91982 bytes)
Kim posing at the Ushuaia sign
ushuaia_lupine.jpg (102096 bytes)
Mountain Lupines
martial_glacier.jpg (52650 bytes)
Martial Glacier
martial_glacier_kim.jpg (85485 bytes)
Kim hiking to Martial Glacier
martial_glacier_don.jpg (110070 bytes)
Don on Martial Glacier
martial_glacier_ushuaia_pan.jpg (67943 bytes)
View overlooking Ushuaia from Martial Glacier


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