The Tarahumara Creation Story

A common belief among Tarahumara Indians was that the world started with the sun and the moon who were alone and disguised as children. They were dressed with palm leaves and they lived in shacks made out of sticks and mud and a palm roof. They didn't have any earthly belongings, neither cows, nor goats, nor chickens, nor sheep, nor turkeys. The skin of the two children was very dark and the morning star was the only thing that shed light upon the sinful earth.

The moon swallowed the light from the head of the sun, while the morning star watched over them. Soon afterwards, the Indians did not know what to do in such darkness. They could not work and they had to hold each other’s hands to prevent them from tripping over the rocks and falling into the canyon. One day, they healed the sun and the moon by placing tiny redwood crosses soaked in "tesqüino" (a corn alcohol beverage) and gradually, the sun and the moon started shining with a bright light. Then, there was a flood and a boy and a girl, both Tarahumara Indians, went to the top of the Lavachi Mountain, south of Panaláchic. After the flood, they returned carrying with them three corn kernels and three beans. Since everything was so soft and moist, they planted them on a rock and fell asleep. Later, they fell asleep and that night they had a dream. In time, they harvested the corn and beans.  It is said that all Tarahumara Indians come from them.