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Copper Canyon, Mexico and the Tarahumara Indian Resources 

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Overland Travel

Americas Overland
The Driving Handbook

Classroom Resources

Grade 8 Unit One - Culture Overview

Indigenous People - Tarahumara Links

Copper Canyon - an overview

The Tarahumara People

Tarahumara Indians

Ethnic Tourism in the Sierra Tarahumara


Tarahumara Background Info


Cave Dwellings of the Huapoca Canyon, Mexico

Archeological Zone of Paquimé, Casas Grandes


Drought in Sierra Tarahumara

Chihuahua Economy

Faith & Value

Tarahumara Journey

Tarahumara Indian Feasts

Tarahumara Mission in Creel

Easter in Copper Canyon


Batopilas Canyon

Cusarare Canyon

Sierra Tarahumara

Chihuahua Geography


Rarámuri Cultural Information

The Tarahumara (Rarámuri) 

Indigenous & Minority peoples' views of language

Stabilizing Indigenous Languages The Tarahumara of Mexico

Tarahumara Crafts

Flora & Fauna

Sierra Madre Occidental pine-oak forests

Centres of Plant Diversity (CPD) project Middle America

Tarahumara Mountain Kingsnake

Medicinal Plants of the Tarahumara


Chihuahua State 

Color Map of Copper Canyon & the Sierra Tarahumara

Tarahumara Map Index

Photo Journals

Tarahumara Photos by Arturo Rodriguez

Tarahumara Photos by Felix Aguilar

Tarahumara Photos

Copper Canyon Photo Gallery

Lesson Plans

Tarahumara Lesson Plan Index


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