October 6

We’re sorry to say it but today is the final day of this marvelous expedition. After spending the night once again in the small town of Cerocahui we made our way back to Creel, following the same route that we took down 4 days ago.

What can we say about the Tarahumara and Copper Canyon Expedition? After learning about the Tarahumara Indians (Raramuri) who make this region their home, we were concerned that due to the presence and impact of other Mexicans as well as the tourists that the Tarahumara might have lost their distinctness as a special and separate people. To our pleasure we found that the impact was less than we had feared. The Tarahumara now have access to more of the technology of the 21st Century, but they continue to follow their traditional lifestyles.

We passed many communities where farming is still the mainstay of life.  Sure, most of the people are subsistence farmers growing only what they need, but they now have access to additional building materials, equipment and transportation. They are a tough people who do not seem to be interested in major changes to their lifestyle.

tarahumara house1.jpg (63231 bytes)

We found farms miles away from even the closest road/track, even on the sides of mountains! We were even more pleased to see that there are still Tarahumara men who proudly wear their traditional loincloths, even when visiting towns.

Before we arrived in the Copper Canyon, we had read comparisons to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA. On paper comparisons don’t mean much. However, when you see the canyons in person – wow!  We were fortunate to have been able to visit the Arizona Grand Canyon a month before heading to Mexico. The Grand Canyon is incredible. But the canyons that make up the Copper Canyon are no less spectacular. Of course there are differences, but the similarities number more. Both have incredible views and spectacular drops (cliffs) but the main difference, reduced to a simple statement is that the Copper Canyon is much more lush with vegetation.

rio verde.jpg (51806 bytes)

We had a great time exploring the canyons and learning about the people. We hope you did too, thank you for participating.



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