The West Africa and Morocco Expedition
Adventure Page

So many adventures to choose from. 

We will be using our inflatable kayak to explore the coastal lagoons and wild rivers. 

We'll be going on safari to find the wild animals of the region, elephants, giraffes, hippopotamus and more.

We will wander through the souks - the ancient markets - and likely get lost in the maze of streets in Fes and Marakkesh, Morocco.

We will explore the Sahara Desert in Mauritania and Mali with its legendary seas of sand. 

We plan to explore the Atlas Mountains for Morocco.

We'll retrace the history of slavery along the Slave Coast in Senegal.

We plan to visit the ancient mud mosques in Dejenne, Mali.  

We will drive the road to the mysterious city of Timbuktu.

We will experience the voodoo culture in Togo.

We have a list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and we plan to explore as many as possible.

We are looking forward to all of these adventures and more, and hope that you will join us along the way!  Follow along through photos and email.


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