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Adventure Learning Foundation (ALF) is an
educational non-profit organization.

At ALF, our mission is two fold:

  • To promote a greater understanding of and between people of different cultures around the world,

  • To promote the utilization of the Internet in schools and in home-based educational venues by developing Internet-based curricula and teacher training for K-12 education.

The information follows “on-line Adventure Learning Expeditions” as our team of adventurers explores the United States and the world.  Every expedition combines educational projects and activities for students and provides resources for teachers designed to enhance curricula while helping all groups to utilize the Internet as an on-going, interactive, informational resource.  The topics and themes are designed to meet nationally recognized curricula standards across all disciplines.  

Just as the Internet is the new information highway facilitating the transfer of ideas and technology, the Adventure Learning Expeditions explore the historical network of routes around the world: The original information highways.  It was these historical routes that made possible the exchange of ideas among early civilizations.

The Expeditions take students and teachers on virtual journeys of discovery, exploration and mystery while promoting a greater understanding of the people and cultures they meet along the way.

The Expeditions function as adventurous learning and motivational tools.  Each takes students and teachers to new places around the globe.  They are on-line participants in the journeys and are able to communicate and interact with expedition members on the Web, as well as with other students and teachers in the places explored.

The purpose of Adventure Learning Foundation is to:

  • Help students develop sophisticated levels of thinking and the skills necessary for future success in life,

  • Create an on-line global learning center,

  • Create educational projects that show students that they can help find solutions to global problems,

  • Provide high-quality teaching resources to educators for free,

  • Provide training for teachers on how to maximize the benefits of the Internet, and

  • Foster interaction between teachers, students and families by providing compelling subject matter and interactivity in a Web environment.

Come discover how Adventure Learning Foundation will expand thinking about the world beyond the classroom boundary.  

Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try and understand each other, we may even become friends.
             Maya Angelou

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