The Northern Andes Expedition

Huaraz and the Cordellera Blanca


andean_village.jpg (110838 bytes)
Andean village in the mountains
cordillera_blanca_1.jpg (55771 bytes)
The Cordellera Blanca
valley_hairpins.jpg (105155 bytes)
Hairpin turns climbing to Lago Peron
yungay_bus.jpg (96500 bytes)
Yungay, bus remains from the 1970 landslide that buried this city of 18,000 people
yungay_church.jpg (75584 bytes)
Rebuilt church facade in old Yungay
Lago Peron and its surrounding 18,000 ft mountains
lago_peron.jpg (96895 bytes) lago_peron_camp.jpg (44559 bytes)
lago_peron_6100mt.jpg (50035 bytes) lago_peron_piramide.jpg (40522 bytes)


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