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Chile Tierra del Fuego


chile_welcome.jpg (45356 bytes)
Welcome to Chile
shipwrecks.jpg (74536 bytes)
shipwrecks_chile.jpg (70928 bytes)
Clipper Shipwreck
windshield_fix.jpg (63763 bytes)
Windshield Repair
difunta_corea.jpg (115137 bytes)
Difunta Corea shrine
corea_difunte_kim.jpg (90404 bytes)
Kim with more water bottles
carl_mary_bigfoot.jpg (75752 bytes)
Carl & Mary Hunter with Bigfoot
peter_janet.jpg (75268 bytes)
Peter & Janet with their Mercedes overlander
silk_route_group.jpg (81198 bytes)
The "Silk Route" Group
the_fusos.jpg (70195 bytes)
The two Fusos
vans_pan.jpg (76665 bytes)
5 Overland Expedition Vehicles


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