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 N. Carretera Austral


Car_austral_sign1.jpg (97970 bytes) Car_austral_sign2.jpg (98570 bytes)
near_coyhaique.jpg (54924 bytes)
Scenery south of Coyhaique
austral_bridge.jpg (88519 bytes)
Really, it can hold 18 tons?
austral_waterfall.jpg (110601 bytes) huge_ferns.jpg (119064 bytes)
Look at the size of these ferns!
old_barge.jpg (117471 bytes)
Old river ferry - no way
rio_guillermo bridge.jpg (115302 bytes)
Crossing a bouncy suspension bridge at PN Queulat
rio_manihuales.jpg (82917 bytes)
Rio Manihuales
villa_amenqual.jpg (100569 bytes)
Villa Amengual
ventisquero_colgante_glacier1.jpg (97135 bytes)
The hanging glacier, Ventisquero Colgante at PN Queulat
ventisquero_colgante_glacier2.jpg (74035 bytes)
Another view of Colgante


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