WOW - Patagonia Expedition Photos

Monumento Natural Bosques Petrificados 
(Petrified Forest)


pn_petr1.jpg (76483 bytes)
Road in to the park
pn_petr2.jpg (149654 bytes)
pn_petr3.jpg (102015 bytes)
Kim measures up to a fossil tree
pn_petr4.jpg (116790 bytes)
pn_petr5.jpg (137991 bytes)
Can you see the how the wood has been changed into Jasper?
pn_petr6.jpg (50776 bytes)
Badlands in the park
armadillo_1.jpg (158809 bytes)
guanaco_pnpetr.jpg (79346 bytes)
Guanaco herd


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