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Angel Falls, Parque Nacional Canaima, Venezuela

angel_falls_1st.jpg (73542 bytes)
1st view of Angel Falls

angel_falls.jpg (101076 bytes)
Looking from our hammock camp

angel_falls_base.jpg (65787 bytes)
Angel Falls from its base

falls1.jpg (65755 bytes)

jimmy_angels_plane.jpg (118066 bytes)
Jimmy Angel's plane

morning.jpg (54896 bytes)
Morning view

salto_sapo_air.jpg (70696 bytes)
Canaima Lagoon and falls

k&d_canaima.jpg (84637 bytes)
Kim & Don at Canaima

canaima_lagoon.jpg (87299 bytes)
Canaima Lagoon and five of its falls

canaima_falls_top.jpg (89190 bytes)
Top of Salto (falls) Golondrinas

hammock_camp.jpg (84037 bytes)
Hammock camp at base of Angel Falls

sapo_wet.jpg (40679 bytes)
Kim & Don after walking behind the falls at Salto Sapo

salto sapo pan.jpg (113317 bytes)
Salto Sapo from above


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