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Isla Margarita, Venezuela

margarita_ferry.jpg (55047 bytes)
Into the belly of the beast -
The Conferry ferry boat
margarita_sunset.jpg (53374 bytes)
Sunset while boarding the ferry
asuncion_fort.jpg (57985 bytes)
Spanish fort at La Asuncion
el_valle_shrine.jpg (64533 bytes)
Shrine to the Virgin Mary in El Valle
Valle_mary.jpg (62858 bytes)
The shrine
valle_marys.jpg (101831 bytes)
The Marys
margareta_beach_camp.jpg (67837 bytes)
Camping in Parque Nacional Laguna Restinga
margareta_arch.jpg (80974 bytes)
Don resting on an arch carved by the sea
parakeet.JPG (96884 bytes)
Our good luck parakeet
hotel_camping.jpg (59480 bytes)
Hotel Camping


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