Rock Art and Archaeological Site Etiquette (good manners)


Be aware of your surroundings when you are outdoors.  Here is a list of how you can protect your heritage.

When visiting ruins or other sites:

Protecting Rock Art:  Six things that can damage or destroy the glyphs:

  1. Touching rock art will leave oils from your fingers that speed the rock's natural deterioration process.

  2. paper rubbings or tracings cause irreparable damage.

  3. Chalking outlines make it impossible to use new methods of dating the figures. 

  4. Re-pecking or repainting an image does not restore it, but rather destroys the original.

  5. Taking it home is illegal.

  6. Graffiti is destructive and can destroy rock art, as well as deface historic wood buildings.  

Please respect our past cultures.  Now go and enjoy!  Here are some other suggestions from the National Park Service

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Site Etiquette

Adapted from Welcome to Arizona's Past