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Cachi and PN de Los Cardones


cachi_church.jpg (41925 bytes)
Cachi's 18th Century Church
wind_warning.jpg (87661 bytes)
Wind warning on highway
peppers_drying.jpg (94793 bytes)
Peppers drying in the sun
peppers_drying1.jpg (164662 bytes)
petroglyph_pile.jpg (71123 bytes)
Petroglyph pile in the museum
petroglyph_pile1.jpg (66648 bytes)
more petroglyphs
pn_cardones.jpg (34708 bytes)
cachi_street.jpg (49661 bytes)
Cachi street
pn_cardones1.jpg (87866 bytes)
cachi_mud_roof1.jpg (116785 bytes)
Adobe roofed home
cachi_mud_roof.jpg (122423 bytes)
Adobe roof with corn drying
cachi_off-road.jpg (71140 bytes)
Off-road driving through a wash
cachi_old_bridge.jpg (110316 bytes)
Crossing an old bridge


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