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Paso Sico
(Crossing over the Andes from Argentina to Chile - 14,700 ft (4523 meters)!


inca_pottery_shards.jpg (142868 bytes)
Inca pottery just laying on the ground

Inca ruins at Santa Rosa de Tastil
viaducto.jpg (73572 bytes)
Looking up at the Viaducto 
viaducto_fuso2.jpg (72200 bytes)
Viaducto with us below it
rr_bridge_fuso.jpg (65746 bytes)
Cool RR bridge
viaducto1.jpg (101828 bytes)
Viaducto near San Antonia de Cobre
sico_llama_Camp.jpg (111010 bytes)
paso_sico1.jpg (67877 bytes)
Volcanoes at Paso de Sico
paso_sico_pan.jpg (67438 bytes)
Lunar landscape near Paso de Sico
paso_sico_salar.jpg (57109 bytes)
Salar at Paso de Sico 
paso_sico_inca_terracing.jpg (92254 bytes)
Inca terracing
adobe_church.jpg (79376 bytes)
Adobe church at Socaire


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