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Copacabana, Bolivia
Lake Titicaca


Lake Titicaca barge
animal_mkt_day.jpg (74172 bytes)
Animal market day
(See the sheep on the roof!)
inca_terraces1.jpg (67063 bytes)
Inca terraces
inca_staircase.jpg (154042 bytes)
Inca staircase on Isla de Sol
burro_wood_collecting.jpg (129845 bytes)
Inca woman & her burros carrying wood
copacabana_camp.jpg (89108 bytes)
Copacabana camp
copacabana_beach_bol.jpg (121981 bytes)
Copacabana Beach
titicaca_view.jpg (56646 bytes)
Lake Titicaca
titicaca_pan.jpg (105549 bytes)
Lake Titicaca panorama
isla_del_sol_boat.jpg (59266 bytes)
Boat to Isla de Sol
virgen_de_copacabana2.jpg (75870 bytes)
virgen_de_copacabana3.jpg (58700 bytes) virgen_de_copacabana1.jpg (111082 bytes)
virgen_de_copacabana.jpg (69262 bytes)
Cathedral to the Virgin de Candelaria


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