BAJA Panoramas
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Click on the thumbnail to view the full panorama!  Be patient, the views are worth the wait.  The newest photos are at the bottom of the page.


El Triunfo panorama.jpg (93102 bytes)
El Triunfo - Silver mining ghost town

canyon pan.jpg (190695 bytes)
View into San Pablo Canyon, Sierra de San Francisco

flechas pan1.jpg (189216 bytes)
Cueva de Flechas

painted canyon pan.jpg (232911 bytes)
Cueva de Flechas (upper left) and Cueva de Pintada (upper right) (See GPS)

pintada web pan.jpg (146705 bytes)
Cueva de Pintada
old pier pan.jpg (108215 bytes)
Old Salt Pier, Guerrero Negro
san quintin pan.jpg (90763 bytes)
"Old Pier" at San Quintin Bay


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