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To Cabo San Lucas

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Lush Cape Desert.JPG (376931 bytes)
The lush Cape Desert
Lush Cape flowers.JPG (432829 bytes)
Cape Desert flowers
Don at Faro Viejo.JPG (381515 bytes)
Don at Faro Viejo (See GPS)
The southern most point in Baja
Lands end1.JPG (360802 bytes)
Land's End from Cabo
Kim at the Hotel California.JPG (394678 bytes)
Kim at the "Hotel California"
in Todo Santos (See GPS)
Lands end arch1.jpg (130068 bytes)
The famous Land's End Arch
cabo beach zoo.JPG (377234 bytes)
The Cabo Zoo
cabo beach zoo1.JPG (409745 bytes)
Cabo Zoo too
Explorers at Lands end.JPG (351962 bytes)
The Explorers at Land's End!
Faro Viejo lighthouse.JPG (1344075 bytes)
Punta Faro Viejo 
New Light House at Baja's Southern tip


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