The Northern Andes Expedition

   Camping Locations
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Locations and photos will be posted as the expedition progresses.

PISCO - The Hostal San Jorge Residencial, 13 42.39s  76 12.17w  covered_fuso.jpg (78289 bytes)

PARACAS - Yacht Club Peruviano at Paracas, 13 50.07s  76 15.20w, on the beach

RN LOMAS DE LACHEY - 11 21.23s  77 22.08w   Lachay_camp.jpg (33611 bytes)

FORTELEZA DE PARAMONGA - 10 39.34s  77 50.40w, behind the fort.  fort_paramonga_camp.jpg (52250 bytes)

MACHAC - 7km from Chavin ruins, 09 37.99s  77 11.97w, great spot overlooking the river.

HUARAZ - Hotel Andino, 09 32.074s  77 31.387w, secure parking in back

CARAZ - Los Pinos Lodge and Camping, street camp in the front along the Parque San Martin

LAGO PARON - overlooking the lake, 08 59.96s  77 41.09w (13,780 ft/4240 mts)  lago_peron_camp.jpg (44559 bytes)

CANON DEL PATO - west of Huallanca, 08 47.39s  77 53.03w  canon_pato_camp.jpg (76331 bytes)

VIRU - south of Trujillo, Grifo Camp, 08 24.72s  78 47.98w

HUANCHACO - Huanchaco Garden Hostal, 08 04.386s  79 07.108w, next to the pool

SANTA ROSA - on the beach sw of Chiclayo, 06 51.63s  79 56.10w  

Waterfall camp, near PEDRO RUIZ, 05 55.34s  78 00.51w  Pedro_ruiz_camp.jpg (124666 bytes)

CHACHAPOYAS car park, 06 13.70s  77 52.15w

East of CHAMAYA crossroads, Government Weigh Station,  05  43.90s  78  38.34w

Zumba river camp,  04 53.59s  79 07.65w  zumba_camp.jpg (90992 bytes)

Vilcabamba - Casa Tinku Restaurante, 04  15.62s  79 13.18w

Saragaru street camp

Cuenca - Banos, Hosteria Duran parking lot

Cuenca, Cabanas Yanuncay, 02 54.34s  79 01.68w

Alausi Train Station, 02 12.08s  78 50.87w  1st_class_train.jpg (66050 bytes)

Reserva Faunistica Chimborazo,  01 31.58s  78 50.24w, elevation 12,800 ft chimborazo_1.jpg (52259 bytes)
         better camp at the Chimborazo Refugio about 6km west of here

Cotopaxi Nat'l Park, Laguna Limpiopungo, 00 36.89s  78 28.41w, 12,640 ft 

Quito, Hotel Quito. Ask a taxi driver to lead you there, or ask them to take you to a "parqueadero" for 24 hr secure parking.  We parked here and went to The Galapagos.  $7 per day.

Papallacta, Termas Hotel, no services and high priced at $6 pp.  See below for alternate free camp spot.

Tena, Hostel Limoncocha, also $6 pp but that includes use of a room.  Hostal has a travel agency good for rafting, etc.  01 00.02s  77 48.49w

Mishualli, great beach camping spot, 01 02.11s  77 39.90w  mishualli_camp.jpg (115514 bytes)

Papallacta, free camp on Plaza 24 de Noviembre in front of the church,  00 22.66s  78 09.06w  papallacta_camp.jpg (48616 bytes)

Otavalo, great central parking lot, 2 choices.  We stayed in the Lavadora/Parqueadero on Calle Quito.  Other choice just one block west on same street.  00 13.86n  78 15.69w



Sanctuario Las Lajas, free camp in parking area, 00 48.49n  77 34.90w

Popayan, Terbal Fuel Station just south of town, 1st station you come to from the south.

Piendamo, truck stop with security 6km north of town, near Piaje,  02 41.94n  76 32.01w

Uribe exit, Parador Rojo Restaurant, 70km south of Armenia (Hwy 25), nice shaded parking area with restaurant, garden and security,  04 15.42n  76 06.95w.  Parador_rojo_camp.jpg (92514 bytes)

South of Armenia, Hacienda Bambusa, beautiful grounds owned by former overlander.  Email ahead for directions and to give notice of arrival.   04 24.00n  76 46.51 Hacienda, 04 25.30n  75 45.68w Entrance Gatehouse.  bambusa_camp.jpg (75292 bytes)

Restaurante El Roble, just north of Salento turn off, 04 39.76n  75 35.79w,  or secure camping also available on a river in Boquia on the road to Salento just south of El Roble.

La Pintada 2 hrs south of Medellin, Hotel Parton de la Pintada,  05 45.51n  75 36.51w, restaurant and pool.  la_pintada_hotel_camp.jpg (87368 bytes)

Medellin Parqueadero, Calle 50 (Colombia), just west of Centro,  06 14.51n  75 34.36w.  $7us.

Llanos de Cuibe, 50 miles north of Medellin, Mobile Fuel Station, 06 49.01n 75 28.87w  cuibe_camp.jpg (53537 bytes)

Taraza, Terbal Gas Station, free riverside camping behind station, restaurant.  07 35.24n  75 23.70w

Sahagun, south side of town, no name fuel station with Resturant Las Villas.  Big secure parking area.  08 55.24n  75 26.66w.

Los Naranjos, Playa Grande Camping.  On the beach 6km east of PN Tayrona entrance.  11 16.71n  73 51.93w Playa_grande_camp.jpg (90172 bytes)

Cartegena,  two great spots
Old Town, guarded parking lot on the east side of the city just outside the gate at Plaza Santa Teresa.
Guarded parking lot across from the beach in Bocagrande.

Another spot recommended by Norman Seddon is near "the air port called Hotel Derust, camping for 20000 peso per night. It consists of many small bungalows but is ok for us as we are self contained and it is right on the beach. It has toilets and open showers


South America Camping GPS / locations:

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