Andes Expedition Camping Locations
and GPS coordinates


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Camping Alborada, KM2 north of Coyhaique on the Puerto Aisen Rd. (Chile)

Rio Mayo, GPS 45 40.98S  70 15.92W 
camp_rio_mayo.jpg (64674 bytes)

Esquel, Nahuel Pan Camping, east side of town across from the Petro Bras Station

PN Los Alerces, Esquel  GPS 42 53.13S  71 36.20N  camp_pn_los_alerces.jpg (50279 bytes)

El Bolson, Camping La Chacra, 41 58.28S  71 31.54W  camp_el_bolson.jpg (62943 bytes)

Colonia La Suiza, unofficial camping at the Bomberos on Arroyo Goya, 41 05.24 s  71 30.76w  camp_colonia_suissa.jpg (96152 bytes)

Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi RN231 Km 48, 40 50.40s  71 32.29w  camp_np_nahuel_huapi.jpg (69698 bytes)


Puerto Octay, Camping Molino on the lakefront.

Chacao, Chiloe, town square city camp, 41 49.68s  73 31.51w  camp_chacao_chiloe.jpg (47874 bytes)

Tin Tin, 10Km north of Castro, YPF station

Ancud, Playa Gaviotas, 3km North of town

Paillaco, Rt 5, Carabineros parking area south of town

Los Angeles, Copec Station, Rt 5 approx 16 km north of Los Angeles

Talca, secure but unattractive parking across from Hostal del Puente, corner of 1 sur and 3 Poriente.

Pichilemu, Beach parking at Punta de Lobos 6km south of town, 34 25.63s  72 02.38w  camp_pichilemu.jpg (40948 bytes)

El Quisco, beach camp about 5km north of Isla Negra, 33 23.61s  71 42.23 w  camp_algarrobo.jpg (67715 bytes)

Con Con beach camp,, behind the restaurant La Pica de Emeterio, 32 55.19s  71 30.69w

(Great camping possibility at PN La Campana near Ocoa)

Portillo, camp in parking area at Hotel Portillo overlooking Laguna del Inca, 32 50.14s  70  07.79w.  9434 ft elevation/ 2871 mt.  lag_inca.jpg (54008 bytes)


Mendoza, Vina de Vieytes Campground, Chacras de Coria exit, west of Rt 40 in Lujan,  33  00.77s  68  50.39w.

Pocito, south of San Juan, KM 154 RT 40, Petro Bras Service Sta, 31  38.58s  68  32.34w.  camp_pocitos.jpg (118581 bytes)

Desert Wild camp Rt 510 south of Chucuma,  31  16.48s  67  14.39w.  camp_chucuma.jpg (64367 bytes)

Ischigualasto Prov. Park, parking area, 30  09.90s  67  50.66w.  camp_ischi.jpg (51734 bytes)

Catamarca, Municipal Cmpgrd, off Av Republica 4km w of central, 28  27.89s  65  49.98w.  camp_catamarca.jpg (122250 bytes)

Rio Seco (South of Tucuman), YPF Service Station, grassy area, 27 16.61s  65 32.89w. camp_tucuman.jpg (145988 bytes)

Tafi del Valle, wild camp on the lakeshore closer to El Mollar, 26 55.39s  65 40.97w.  camp_taffe_del_valle.jpg (69507 bytes)

Cafayate Municipal Campground, limited space for large overlanders, south side of town on RN40.

Quebreda de Cafayate, 15 km north of Cafayate wild camp, 26 01.26s  65 48.16w.  camp_quebrada_de_cafayate.jpg (84895 bytes)

Embalse Cobre Corral, approx. 50 km south of Salta, Municipal Campground, 25 17.32s  65 26.42w.

Cachi, Municipal Campground, south side of town.  camp_cachi.jpg (104249 bytes)

PN de Los Cardones, wild camp approx. 37 km west of Cachi on RP33, turn off at 25 09.44s  65 59.44w.  

Salta, Municipal campground south side of centro,24 48.79s  65 25.18w.


San Antonio de los Cobres, approx 15km west of town, Indigenous farmhouse, 24 14.34s  66 24.68w,  13,134 ft elevation.  camp_sico.JPG (120186 bytes)

San Pedro de Atacama, street camp in front of Hostal Katarpe.

Monturaqui Meteor Crater, 23 56.90s  68 17.86w.  camp_crater.jpg (43916 bytes)

Valle de Luna overlook, west of SP de A, 22 55.05s  68 15.17w.  camp_valle_del_luna.jpg (87619 bytes)

Geysers de Tatio, open parking area at the middle geyser field.  camp_taito.jpg (38654 bytes)

San Pedro de Atacama, 3 km west of town, the Cordero del Sal, 22 53.12s  68 12.46w.  camp_del_sal.jpg (60684 bytes)


Laguna Colorada, right on the lagoon, 22 12.81s  67 47.86w.  camp_lag_colorada.jpg (66651 bytes)

Laguna Honda, actually just over the hill to the next unnamed lagoon, 21 37.77s  68 04.34 w, 4115 mts.  camp_lag_honda.jpg (56948 bytes)

Salar de Chingagua, 2 miles past the military checkpoint along the RR tracks, 21 01.06s  67 55.06w

Uyuni, out front of the Tonito Hotel and Minuteman Revolutionary Pizza, great food, lots of info from the owner Chris.  20 27.93s  66 49.50w

Potosi, Petrol station on north side of town on road to Oruru, ok due to our large size.  Better option, but only for very small vehicles, is the Hostal Tarija, 19 35.07s  65 45.35w

Pasna, half way bewteen Oruro and Challapata, EU Project building, 18 35.67s  66 55.46w

La Paz, Hotel Oberland, in Mallasa, Zona Sur.  Not central but taxi's are cheap and you don't really want to drive into central!  16 34.08s  68 05.36w.  If you get to the zoo you've gone too far.

Copacabana, on the beach near the fresh trout restaurants.  16 10.07s  69 05.42w.  12,541 ft elevation.


Arequipa Highway, approx 80km west of Juliaca.  15 38.18s  70 41.50w.  13,544 ft elevation.

Arequipa, Hotel Las Mercedes, 16 24.05s  71 32.53w.  

Toro Muertos Petroglyphs, near Corire, 16 13..45s  72 30.13w.

Puerto Inca, north of Chala, 15 50.32s  74 18.77w.

Nazca, Hotel Nido del Condor, across from the airport, 14 51.09s  74 57.54w.

(Updated as of June 4, 2006)


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