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Create a Travel Brochure


Create A Travel Brochure


  • To determine how geography affect how people live, work and play,
  • To identify the different landforms in the State of Oaxaca, 
  • To create a travel brochure highlighting Oaxaca's attractions

suggested Resources/Materials:

The lesson:

Before beginning the Travel Brochure for Oaxaca have the students complete a KWHL Chart. (K= What Do We Know?; W= What Do We Want To Know?; H= How Do We Find Out?; L= What Have We Learned?). This activity can be done as an entire class or in small groups. If done in small groups, each group will share its chart with the entire class and then the class can do a composite of all the groups.

suggested activities:

  • Name different places in Oaxaca that each student would like to visit or explore. 
  • Each student should choose one particular location that they would like to visit.
  • Make a four part travel brochure about the particular location that each student has chosen. 
  • The four parts should include a title, a map, areas of interest to visit, and things to do when there.

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